Release Date: 12 March 2009

Much like Watergate ushered in an era of ’70s paranoid anti-government thrillers like The Parallax View and Three Days Of The Condor, the Internet age has tapped into a new vein of paranoia about society giving itself over to sinister, all-knowing technology. The trouble is, most of these thrillers seem to have been written by Andy Rooney, born of a clueless “Hey you kids, get off my lawn” rejection of the new, rather than a more acute sense of the dangers of connectedness. Joining the scrap heap this week is Echelon Conspiracy, a generic WarGames redux that offers up the …

– plusplus rese amat –

About Mr President

hambaNya, suami istri tercinta Farah Fauziya, ayah anak tersayang Muhammad Husain Athoillah & Ahmad Abid Manshur

dicomment dunk :D

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